Most Deputy Governors have found themselves in logger heads with their bosses and the people close to the bosses who see them as threats to their space, politically or otherwise.

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Hon. Joash Author Maangi was the pioneer Deputy Governor of Kisii County from the year 2013 to 2022 when he was elected together with His Excellence Governor James Omariba Ongwae in the inaugural general election under the newly promulgated consititution in 2013. It looked as a match made in even until it was clear that Dr. Joash Maangi was gaining influence and was or appeared to be on his way to to challenge his boss in the susequent election. By default or design, the Deputy Governor position wa created to be surbodinate to the Governor by all means. The framers of the consititution did not envisage a situation where spremacy battles will emerge and drive a wedge between the two county bosses.

First forward towards 2017 generals elections, all indications were that the Ongwae - Maangi ticket was not gong to hold water anymore. Hon. Maangi appeared to be bolting to Jubilee and was given a seat on the higher table and was seen as a king maker for Jubilee in Gusii region. But, politics happened and the Ongwae - Maangi ticket found its way to the ticket and successifully defended their positions. Immediately after the 2017 elections, the relationship between the dynamic duo hit a dead end once again. Why? Kisii County 2022 succession politics. To cut the story short, The relationship between the Governor and his Deputy was one and zero all through.

The aforementioned anecdote brings about the elephant in the room. The Governor - Deputy Governor Relationship. What is it? How is it supposed to be? Where and when is the Deputy Supposed to stand, sit, walk or run?

This is a discussion that is here and will be here for long until something happens, that something is an individual perception and an open thought.

One year ago 2022 we went to an electionand 47 Governors and 47 Deputy Governors were elected. Predictably, the dog - snake scenario between the two has found its way into limelight and like before there are fights between Governors and Their Deputies left right and center. The fights are between Governors and their Deputies in personal capacities, their proxies or both.

Siaya County between Governor James Orengo and his Deputy William Oduol, Nyamira County between Governor Amos Nyaribo and his deputy Dr. James Gesami and Kisii County between Governor Paul Simba Arati and his deputu Dr. Robert Onsare Monda. Far and beyond, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza's case has gone through the roof to mention but a few. 

In Siaya for instance the Deputy Governor Hon. William Oduol is the Governor of Siaya who never was. In 2013 he was the favourite against the retired Col. Rasanga, by default he was to be his serious threat in 2017 and so he was but due to him losing favour in ODM he lost again. fast forward to 2022 there was a negotiation to pair seasoned politician Hon. James Orengo with William Oduol as his Deputy and the ticket won. yes the ticket won but the problem was half solved, half solved because William Oduol still remains a threat to his boss in 2027 general election if he decides to run. A story for another. So cut William Oduol to size, fight him, bring him down and make sure he never rises again... the plan failed and sent his 'enemies' back to the drawing board and they are still drawing I guess.

Back near home. Nyamira county. Not so long ago their was an impeachment motion against the second Governor of Nyamira County His Excellence Governor Amos Nyaribo. The fingers were pointed direct to his Deputy The Hon. Dr. James Gesami. Dr. Gesami on his said. "I have been sidelined..."

Back Home to Kisii County... Fire in the mountain, deep political pit, a wind of confusion. What is happening between His Excellence Governor Paul Simba Arati and His Deputy H.E. Dr. Robert Monda? Is there a war between the two? Whos is fighting in the war? The answers will find their way to the open soon.

However! Signs and symptoms are all clear that there is trouble in paradise and the highlight of it all is the high delegation of leaders to deputy governor Robert Monda's home led by Majority Whip and South mugirango MP. Hon. Silvanus Osoro. Although the communication from Osoro tried to water it down, it is an open secret that the chicken are coming home to roost.

First and foremost, let us understand the duo. The duo here reffers to Governor Simba Arati and his Deputy Dr. Robert Monda. 

Governor Arati started his political metamorphosis as a nominated councillor in Nairobi under ODM in 2007. In 2013, Arati ran for Dagoreth North MP seat and won and he later defende it in 2017 through ODM. Although it started as a joke Arati moved from Nairobi to Kisii County where he and Dr. Monda ran together and won the 2022 Gurbanatorial race under ODM. To be clear, the won overwhelmingly and by landslide.

On Dr. Monda's side. Has his boss was waiting to be nominated Councillor in Nairobi, Dr. Monda was mopping the floor with Gusii heavyweight then the late Hon. Simon Nyachae. In 2007, Dr. Monda beat and succeeded Hon. Simon Nyachae as Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament through ODM. Here in terms of political superiority, I say no more only to mention that the dynamics of politics upsets all the laws of regulations. 

Question: How did Gov. Simba Arati and Dr. Robert Monda come together, was ther chemistry between the duo? Oh, yes. They were both in ODM or they have been in ODM since 2007 and that is part one. Part two, chemistry was a hard subject and I guess it still is. 

One of my favourite writer from Ethiopia, Hama Tuma in his Story "The Story of the Prison Monger". He says, "Great expectations make frustrated people". When Governor Arati and Dr. Monda came together, what were their expectations?

The differnces between Governor Arati and Dr. Monda perceived or otherwise are a clear indication that the position of a Deputy Governor is not for those who want to grow big but rather those who want to be submissive to the governor. The one who are ready for "come here go there" errands and who will not attempt to try and run a parrallel team of anything in the County Governmrnt. In a simple language, the office of the Deputy Governor should be an extention of the office of the Governor. Otherwise political successions, developmental visibilities, interllectula brilliancies are going to make the relationships between the duo.

In all counties where there are no visible wrangles between the Governor and his?her Deputy, there is one central factor. That is the Deputy Governor is little known, less ambitious, limited political network and a yesman or yeswoman. 

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