He beat Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi who was the longest serving Member of parliament in 2022 general elections.

Hon. Japhet Nyakundi Photo: Courtesy

Japhet Mokaya Naykundi is one of the so called young turks from Gusii region who upset every status quo to make it to Parliament in the 2022 general elections. Others include; Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheel Jhanda, Kitutu Chache South MP Anthony Kibagendi, Bomachoge Chache MP Alfah Miruka, Bomachoge Borabu MP Obadiah Barongo and South Mugirango's Silvanus Osoro.

Unlike some of his pears in UDA like, Hon. Osoro, Hon. Zaheel and Hon. Miruka who had run for parliamentary seats before, Nyakundi was making his first attempt and it looked like a mountain that he was headed for.

First of all, Hon. Nyakundi was running against a seasoned politician, a senior member of the ruling political party which was Jubilee. A Deputy Party leader in Hon. Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi. At the time Jimmy was the longest serving Member of parliament. Another huddle was Don Bosco Ooga Gichana whom was not new in Kitutu politics and was a little bit experienced, politically as compared to Hon. Japhet Nyakundi. Gichana had run fro election before and he was considered as one of the big boys in the race. To make it even more complicated, Gichana and Nyakundi had to face each other in UDA primaries.

A flashback to before 2017 general elections presents a picture of a determined young man with the whole future a head of him. Trying to cut a niche in Jubilee Party and get hold of the youthful Jubilee supporters he had organised a luncheone with the youths in one of the local Hotels. Yes, he footed all the bills and the youths were as many as they could come.

Japhet who is never afraid of speaking his mind capitalised on his youthful network and being closer to the ground and listening to the people. Fred Amis who ails from Kitutu and resides in the USA describes honourable Nyakundi as a man of the people.

"As far as we are concerned he is got a touch with people and connects with ordinary people on the ground and that is reason people like him ,past leaders were using brokers to reach the MP but he goes directly to them and that is a good thing that we have never seen since late Dr Zachary Onyonka". Mr Amisi says.

Ultimately, Japheth Nyakundi of United Democratic Alliance won the seat with 11,834 votes against Jimmy Angweny's garnering 8,260 votes. 

As one of the presents and futures of Gusii politics, Japhet Nyakundi's potential has been indentified and rewarded. In UDA's NEC meeting held on 27th of February 2022, Hon. Japhet Nyakundi was selected as the interim Party treasurer taking over from former South Mugirango MP and Senatorial aspirant Hon. Omingo Magara. 

Asked on the implications of the youthful MP being elevated to such a presitigious party position, Fred says that he desrves it fully. "He is well connected outside Gusii and he Will handle it well ,it's at least some respect to the youthful leadership from The president". 

"It's likely returning the post to where it was remember it was held by Magara so president Ruto wants to maintain Gusii bloc after it seemed that people were getting tired of him and remember the president is losing support from omogusii after going for Matiangi which made him very unpopular hence cancelled his trip 3 weeks ago,this is history repeating itself,in 2001 Moi found himself in the same situation after mistreating Late Simeon Nyachae" Fred adds.
He also alludes that picking Hon. Japhet Nyakundi was not a mistake by any chance. "By all means choosing Japheth was not mistake he chose the most popular man among the elected MPs from UDA Kisii and Nyamira county".
Now the ball is in the 33 year old first time Member of Parliament and to many, his way is up and only up.