Family in shock after water starts to rise up from the ground inside their house

May 23, 2024 - 12:44
May 23, 2024 - 14:50
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Family in shock after water starts to rise up from the ground inside their house

In Maosa village, situated in Chitago ward Borabu, Alice Kerima, a widow, finds herself without a place to call home as her residences have been inundated with water, rendering them uninhabitable. Tragically, all of her children have passed away, leaving her without any familial support. Alice is beset by tremendous challenges during this season of heavy rains and is reaching out to well-wishers and good Samaritans for assistance in overcoming this tragedy.

"I woke up and initially thought a child had spilled water, only to realize it was rain that had breached my house's walls, inundating the interior," lamented Alice.

 Despite efforts to mitigate the flooding throughout the night, their endeavors have been futile, leaving Alice feeling helpless and unsure of what to do next.

Adding to her burdens, Alice must contend with the daily task of fetching water from her home. Her daughter-in-law, also a widow, echoes Alice's plight, emphasizing the extensive damage caused by the flooding, including ruined belongings and depleted food supplies. 

"The children's books are ruined, our food stocks submerged, and since morning, we have gone without sustenance, leaving the returning school-children hungry," she expressed.

Recollections of her lost children compound Alice's distress, exacerbating her lack of support. She further highlights the challenges faced by her widowed daughters-in-law, who struggle to fend for themselves amidst the calamity. The absence of unity among neighbors further compounds their plight, as collective efforts to mitigate the flooding prove ineffective.

The family and neighbors appeal to the county government for assistance, as their attempts to combat the flooding have proven fruitless. Despite the daughters-in-law's children academic potential, they are unable to pursue higher education due to their impoverished circumstances, compounding the family's distress.

In their plea to the county government, local leaders, and compassionate individuals, the family implores for aid in securing a habitable residence, allowing them to regain a semblance of normalcy amidst their hardships.

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