Taifa Democratic Coalition Advocates for Non-Discriminatory Governance in Kisii County

May 22, 2024 - 13:00
May 22, 2024 - 15:33
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Taifa Democratic Coalition  Advocates for Non-Discriminatory Governance in Kisii County

The Taifa Democratic Coalition (TDC), a prominent minority coalition in the Kisii County parliament, has reiterated its commitment to advocating for the interests of the people. In a recent assembly, the TDC underscored the importance of inclusive governance and urged the county government to operate without discrimination.

The chairperson of the coalition, Hon. Benjamin Gisore, emphasized the need for equitable development and fair treatment of all citizens, regardless of their political affiliations. He addressed the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) belonging to the coalition, encouraging them to prioritize the needs and development of their constituents.

Hon. Gisore's remarks came during a meeting where he praised the efforts of the TDC MCAs and urged them to continue their advocacy for the public. He particularly commended the leadership of Dennis Ombachi, the coalition's leader in the county assembly, for his dedication to civil rights and community development. Gisore's call to action was clear: the TDC must remain steadfast in its mission to serve the people and ensure that their voices are heard within the county’s legislative framework.

Several key members of the coalition were present at the meeting, highlighting the collective resolve of the TDC to effect positive change. Among the attendees were: Dolfine Bwari, and Thomas Obare.
Other coalition MCAs also participated, reinforcing the unity and shared vision of the TDC.

Their presence underscored a robust commitment to pushing forward an agenda focused on fairness and development. The TDC's plea to the county government is a significant stance in the political landscape of Kisii County. By calling for non-discriminatory governance, the coalition highlights a critical issue faced by many regions: the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

The TDC's advocacy aims to bridge gaps and address any biases that may exist in the implementation of county projects and services. Moving forward, the TDC plans to continue its oversight and advocacy roles with vigor. The coalition aims to hold the county government accountable, ensuring that development projects benefit all residents equally. 

Through continuous engagement with the electorate and active participation in legislative processes, the TDC seeks to foster a more inclusive and progressive Kisii County.
The Taifa Democratic Coalition's recent meeting underscores its commitment to promoting non-discriminatory governance and equitable development. Under the leadership of Hon. Benjamin Gisore and the coalition's leaders, the TDC remains a vital force in Kisii County's political arena, advocating for the rights and development of all its citizens.

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