Irianyi Alumni Ask Government To Keep Facilitating School Feeding Program

May 24, 2024 - 11:25
May 24, 2024 - 14:43
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Irianyi Alumni Ask Government To Keep Facilitating School Feeding Program

Amidst speculations that the school feeding program may soon end, various stakeholders in the education sector have urged the government to continue the initiative as a means of supporting students during their time in school. 

Speaking at a reunion of former students of Irianyi Secondary School, Dr. Evans Mandere expressed hope that the government would heed the requests of Kenyans. The alumni gathered primarily to donate sewing machines to the Home Science department and provide a check to support the school's infrastructure.

"I want to appeal to the government, the President, the Deputy President, and all those who can assist these schools. Our students are suffering, our parents are struggling. Please, Mr. President, it is my humble prayer that you take time to see what can be done in these schools," said Dr. Mandere.

Mandere emphasized the importance of having food available in the morning and evening, stating, "Without food, you can't teach the students." He also called on Members of Parliament to pass the feeding bill.

Additionally, the principal of Irianyi Secondary, Mary Robiro, thanked the alumni group for their support, noting the school's ongoing issues with insufficient infrastructure. She also appealed to the Ministry of Education for further assistance.

"I reached out to the Irianyi community, who are great friends of this school, and I told them the only way this school can develop is by us coming together. Today has been a significant day in the history of this school," said Principal Robiro.

The alumni, school principal, and the community all pledged to work together to improve the conditions for students at Irianyi Secondary School.

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