Kenyans in Diaspora Join the tune in rejecting finance bill

Jun 24, 2024 - 16:33
Jun 24, 2024 - 17:37
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Kenyans in Diaspora Join the tune in rejecting finance bill

Kenyans in the diaspora have showed their concerns on the finance bill through various social media platforms. In the US, Kenyans have demonstrated in various states such as LA and Washington DC.

Also in Europe, Luxembourg, a Kenyan lady by the name Whitney Sparkles posted a video of her and other Luxembourg citizens rejecting the finance bill. 

“Yeap most of them English is not their tongue but they tried, happy Luxembourg day, but all I could think about was home and how I would have been a part of the demonstrations but cross fingers #rejectfinancebil2024” Whitney posted on her Instagram post.
In LA, Kenyan diaspora celebrities such Nurse Judy, Eli Mwenda and Rachel Mbuki were among the peaceful protesters who were accompanied by other Kenyans LA to reject the finance bill. 

“The SS LA protest was a MEGA SUCCESS! So many powerful speeches were given. Please stay tuned for more footage but for now look at how your Kenyans in LA came through to show solidarity. We had everyone from Gen-A to Gen Z, millennials, Gen X and even baby boomers! #staytuned #diasporarejectsfinancebill2024 #rejectfinancebill2024,”Nurse Judy posted on Instagram.

Also in Dallas, Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah joins Kenyans in Dallas Texas to protest against the Finance Bill 2024. Wajackoyah had vied for presidency but didn’t make it to the seat. 
Kenyans in Washington DC did not hesitate and went ahead and held protests outside the Kenyan Embassy against the financial bill 2024.

Foreign influencers such as Dylan Page have also addressed the issues on their platforms and especially Tiktok and are siding with the Gen Z and also wishing that their countries could be as courageous as Kenyans to stand on their own and fight for their rights.
Chelsea player Cole Palmer also wrote on X, "I'm fully supporting my Kenyan brothers and sisters”


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