Man dies after setting himself on fire through gas explosion, Kisii

May 26, 2024 - 14:44
May 26, 2024 - 15:28
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Man dies after setting himself on fire through gas explosion, Kisii

A 49 year old man from Kiong’anyo in Bobaracho Kisii County burnt himself to death on Thursday through a gas explode inside his house.
As said by the family, Mr. Dickson Nyantika seemed unstable mentally with full of thoughts early that day but the driver of that depression still remain unclear.
“He made the choice of dying by suicide but we don’t know the reason behind. Today he’s been passing here well-dressed but he didn’t say a word to anyone like usual. He went straight to his house, lit up the gas burning himself to death.” Said one of the eye witnesses. 
The Kisii County disaster department responded to the situation but it turned out to be late.

“We received the emergency call today on a burning house and decided to act immediately and rush to the scene but unfortunately we arrived when he had already departed. That cooking gas exploded hence escalating the situation” said Mr. Mengo Ojwang from the disaster department. 
Mr. Mengo added that the suicide cases are becoming too rampant and those with problems should seek help.
“The cases are becoming too common and I’m urging people that even though the economy is unstable, let’s try to be vigilant about our lives because we’ve been given it by God for free” he said.
“According to the family, their kin had given signs of being mentally unstable and that might be what drove him to the grave. I’m pleading with people whenever you have a problem find someone close to you whom you can share your problems with and get them solved to avoid such acts in the future.” Added one of the eye witnesses.
The deceased was taken to the morgue by Kisii Central Police Officers.

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